FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we get asked most often. Hopefully, you can find an answer to your question.

In the first instance you should return the instrument to the Höfner dealer that you purchased it from. If you purchased the instrument elsewhere it is at the discretion of your local Höfner dealer to assist you.

Sorry, no we don’t. All of our products are available from our world-wide dealer network. Dealers can order any product from us if they don’t have it in stock. To find your nearest dealer see our Dealer Locator.

Yes. We produce many handmade instruments, violins, violas, cellos, double basses, bows, guitars and more. We also regularly produce special edition guitars that are handmade.

We have built both guitars and stringed instruments overseas for several years.   Hofner even has an office and workshop of its own in Beijing, China. This branch is owned 100% by Höfner (is not a joint venture) and has all licenses from the Chinese authorities, including the export license. It is one of the few foreign owned companies ever given Grade A certification by the Chinese authorities..

No, we do not do this. If your instrument has a fault during the warranty period then please return it to your Höfner dealer. If the instrument is damaged during the warranty period or requires repair after the warranty period then you should consult your Höfner dealer who can repair it themselves or recommend a competent luthier who can carry out the work. We do not restore vintage instruments.

Every line item that we produce has a unique product code. (An SKU.) This helps us not only to exactly identify what that item is but also our dealers to manage Hofner products easier in their computer system. Here are some examples:

Electric Guitars.

1st Example – HNP-N-0

H = made by Höfner

NP = New President

-N = natural finish

-0 = an outfit so it will come with a case.

2nd Example - HCT-VTH-SB

HCT = Höfner Contemporary series guitar

-VTH = Verythin model

-SB = Sunburst colour

Classical Guitars.

Example - HF15

H = made by Höfner

F = Spruce top (Spruce in German is Fichte)

15 = model  

Stringed Instruments.

Example - AS-160-C4/4-0

AS = Anton Stingl Series by Höfner

160 = model

-C = Cello

4/4 = 4/4-size

You can contact us using the contact form on this website. Click here to open it now.

Yes. We have many famous artists worldwide who use Hofner guitars. Have a look in our Artists section to see who you know there.

Much as we would like to see you we are unable to offer tours for a number of reasons.  We operate workshops where there are many machines and other equipment and we are not able to cordon these off for tours. Visitor safety would be compromised and in any case we cannot insure visitors in these circumstances.

Plase use the Dealer Locator on this website.

No we do not give any valuations. Used instruments are not part of our market so we don’t get involved in the prices there. 

There is information for help with vintage guitars  - click here. 

Many of the parts we offer will fit on to vintage instruments, particularly those made in the 1950s and 1960s. There is further help under the Information and Advice menu for vintage guitar owners.

We do have a number of these, look under the Information and Advice menu.