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Paesold Violin Outfit PA803HV

3.000,00 € 3.000,00 € 3000.0 EUR

Verfügbarkeit: nicht auf Lager
Lieferzeit: Approx. 90 days
Artikelnummer: PA803HV-4/4-0

3.000,00 €

Paesold Violin Outfit PA803HV

Paesold Violin Outfit PA803HV-1

Handmade in Germany.

This Paesold "Concert" complete violin outfit contains the fully solid, nicely flamed maple, hand-varnished PA803HV violin. The instrument is crafted using traditional formulas and techniques. Fitted with Dominant strings.

The outfit also includes the PA108V bow, PA90/517-V case, along with a chinrest, rosin and pitchpipe.

Size: 4/4