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Violin Bass ECO

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Artikelnummer: H500/1-ECO-W-0

1.631,57 €

Violin Bass ECO

Violin Bass ECO-1
Violin Bass ECO-2
Violin Bass ECO-3

Flag Handmade in Germany

The 500/1 ECO bass was born after extensive research to find a new material to replace the traditional Rosewood used for the fingerboard. We selected a composite material which offers better stability, greater durability and perfect playability. It also offers an exceptional tonal range adding to the overall famous sound of the Violin Bass . The body continues to use tradional woods; spruce for the top and flamed maple for back and sides. Acclaimed in the press as a major leap forward in guitar design this is the new generation bass from Höfner for those who want to look forward. Incl. case.