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Violin Outfit - H7 "Allegretto"

199,00 € 199,00 € 199.0 EUR

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Artikelnummer: H7-V4/4-0

199,00 €

Violin Outfit - H7 "Allegretto"

Violin Outfit - H7 "Allegretto" -1
Violin Outfit - H7 "Allegretto" -2
Violin Outfit - H7 "Allegretto" -3

Flag Handmade in Germany.

The Hofner "Allegretto" complete violin outfit contains the fully solid, slightly flamed maple, shaded spirit golden-brown hand-varnished H7 Series violin. An entry level instrument for the demanding student who is looking for a violin that incorporates all the features and benefits for which German instruments are famous - but at a very competitive price.

The outfit also includes the AS-26-V bow and AS-90/165-V case along with a chinrest and rosin.

Size: 4/4 - 1/4