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Carmencita HC504 Thinline Cutaway

139,76 € 139,76 € 139.76 EUR

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Artikelnummer: HC504-4/4TCE

139,76 €

Carmencita HC504 Thinline Cutaway

Carmencita Gitarre - HC504-4/4 Thinline Cutaway-1
Carmencita Gitarre - HC504-4/4 Thinline Cutaway-2

With a desirable thinline body and a cutaway from the 12th fret this is the model for any aspiring virtuoso. The full-size guitar’s solid cedar top and mahogany body produce a pleasingly full and warm sound while the high gloss finish and fine detailing ensure it looks every bit as good as it sounds. Fitted with a Barcus Berry preamp/tuner, the model’s thin body construction reduces feedback when played amplified on stage at high volume levels.