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"Guadagnini" Violin H225-BG

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3,000,000.00 €

"Guadagnini" Violin H225-BG

"Guadagnini" Violin H225-BG-1
"Guadagnini" Violin H225-BG-2
"Guadagnini" Violin H225-BG-3
"Guadagnini" Violin H225-BG-4
"Guadagnini" Violin H225-BG-5
"Guadagnini" Violin H225-BG-6
"Guadagnini" Violin H225-BG-7

German Flag Handmade in Germany.

Hofner budget master instrument handcrafted by our own Luthiers from choice tonewoods and antique oil varnished.

Copy of Giovanni Battista Guadagnini (Milan 1757)

Size: 4/4