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Hofner Acoustic HA-CS7

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Hofner Acoustic HA-CS7

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Hofner Acoustic HA-CS7

Handmade in Germany.

Handmade in Germany from the finest materials, this outstanding acoustic steel string guitar offers a full sound with a strong presence. A meticulous selection of wood as well as a newly developed bracing system gives the CS7 its wonderfully rich and dynamic sound. Techniques and recipes from the art of violin making are used to refine the surface with natural oils, resins and waxes. The result is an artisanal finish with the look and feel of an instrument that has been played for decades. 

Part of the Green Line series of environmentally responsible guitars, the CS7, like all the guitars in the series, has received outstanding test reports for sound quality and handling. 

The Mi-Si® active pickup system is discreetly fitted inside the body without any opening in the sides to preserve the subtle and natural aesthetics. Charging the condenser for just 60 seconds supplies you with up to 16 hours of playing time. Mi-Si® allows us to avoid an environmental impact caused by the use of batteries or accumulators while the built in Piezo provides a detailed and authentic sound reproduction.

This successful collaboration enables us to build eco-friendly, quality guitars for your enjoyment.